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ClearCorrect is a brand of clear aligners used for orthodontic treatment. It is an orthodontic system that helps straighten teeth and correct bite issues using a series of custom-made, clear plastic aligners. ClearCorrect aligners are designed to gradually move the teeth into their desired positions over time, resulting in a straighter, more aligned smile. At First Smile Family Dental, during the treatment phase of your smile design, your ClearCorrect aligners will be custom-made for you based on the instructions of our dentist and the measurements of your teeth. The clear aligner trays are designed to be worn for 22 hours daily, so you can take them out to eat or clean them. However, it’s normal to feel a little discomfort when you first start wearing your aligners because they’re designed to fit tightly so your teeth can gradually move. This feeling should go away after a couple of days. 

The Treatment Process for ClearCorrect

The first step is to consult with a dentist or orthodontist trained in ClearCorrect treatment. If ClearCorrect is deemed appropriate for your case, the dentist will take digital impressions, photographs, and X-rays of your teeth to create a 3D model. A customized treatment plan is developed, showing the movement of your teeth from their current positions to the desired final positions. Based on the treatment plan, a series of clear aligners are customized for you. Each set of aligners is slightly different, applying gentle pressure to the teeth to gradually move them into alignment. The aligners are made of a transparent, BPA-free plastic material. 

You will be provided a set of aligners to wear for a specific duration, typically about two weeks. You will wear the aligners for most of the day, removing them only when eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing. As you progress through the aligners, your teeth gradually shift into their desired positions. Periodic check-up appointments will be scheduled to monitor your progress and provide new aligners. Your treatment is considered complete once you have worn all the aligners in the series. However, it is common for a retainer to be prescribed to maintain the results achieved. 

The Benefits of ClearCorrect 


ClearCorrect aligners are virtually invisible, making them a discreet orthodontic option. They are famous for individuals who prefer a more esthetically pleasing alternative to traditional braces. 


ClearCorrect aligners are custom-made for a comfortable fit. They are designed to minimize irritation and discomfort typically associated with traditional braces. 

Easier Cleaning 

One of the significant drawbacks to wearing braces is the difficulty that comes with keeping your teeth clean. But because ClearCorrect aligners are removable, you can take them out to eat and brush your teeth. This makes it easier to care for your smile and keep your teeth healthy. 

By straightening your teeth with ClearCorrect, your smile will be beautiful, and you will have the confidence to smile big and bright! Visit First Smile Family Dental at 32717 1st Ave S., Suite 9, Federal Way, WA 98003, or call (253) 785-7323 to determine if ClearCorrect is the proper orthodontic treatment.


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