Emergency Dentistry in Federal Way, WA

Emergency dentistry refers to dental care for urgent or unexpected dental problems requiring immediate attention. These emergencies can range from severe tooth pain and oral injuries to broken dental restorations or sudden swelling and infection. Emergency dentistry aims to alleviate pain, address the underlying issue, and prevent further complications. At First Smile Family Dental, our emergency dentists have the necessary skills, knowledge, and resources to handle urgent dental situations promptly. They can relieve pain, diagnose the underlying issue, and perform immediate treatments or procedures to address the emergency. 

Types of Dental Emergencies 


Severe toothaches can be a sign of dental decay, infection, or a dental abscess. Emergency dentistry can help diagnose and treat the cause of the toothache, providing relief from pain and preventing further damage. 

Dental Trauma

Accidents or injuries can result in fractured, chipped, or knocked-out teeth. Emergency dental care can help save and repair damaged teeth. Immediate attention is crucial for knocked-out teeth, which may be re-implanted successfully if handled appropriately and promptly. 

Broken or Lost Dental Restorations

If a dental crown, bridge, or filling breaks or falls out, emergency dentistry can provide temporary or permanent solutions to restore the tooth's function and aesthetics. Prompt repair or replacement of the restoration is essential to prevent further damage or sensitivity. 

Abscesses and Infections

Dental abscesses, which are pockets of pus caused by bacterial infections, can be extremely painful and lead to severe complications if left untreated. Emergency dental care can help drain the abscess, prescribe antibiotics, and provide the necessary treatment to eliminate the infection. 

Soft Tissue Injuries

Injuries to the lips, tongue, cheeks, or gums can cause significant bleeding and discomfort. Emergency dental care can address these soft tissue injuries, control bleeding, and ensure proper healing. 

Persistent Bleeding

Uncontrolled bleeding after oral or dental surgery requires immediate attention. Emergency dentistry can address the bleeding, identify the cause, and provide appropriate treatment. 

Severe Jaw Pain or Lockjaw

Jaw pain, difficulty opening or closing the mouth, or jaw dislocation may require emergency dental care. The dentist can diagnose the underlying issue and provide the necessary treatment or referral to an oral surgeon. 

The Benefits of Emergency Dentistry 

An emergency dentist can save your smile with a wide range of restorative treatments, depending on the nature of your problem. Some of the most common benefits of emergency dentistry include: 

  • Improved comfort following an extraction or other tooth removal procedure; 
  • Protection against oral infection; and 
  • Restoration of function and stability to a tooth that’s broken or knocked out. 

Timely intervention and proper management of dental emergencies are crucial for preserving oral health, relieving pain, and preventing further complications. In an emergency, visit First Smile Family Dental at 32717 1st Ave S., Suite 9, Federal Way, WA 98003, or call (253) 785-7323 to schedule an appointment. Our dentist will assess your condition, provide immediate care or advice, and schedule an emergency appointment.


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