General Dentistry

General dentistry is a branch of dentistry that focuses on the overall maintenance of oral health and the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of various dental conditions. General dentists are primary dental care providers who offer a wide range of services to patients of all ages. 

The primary goal of general dentistry is to help patients achieve and maintain good oral health by addressing routine and complex dental issues. At First Smile Family Dental, our general dentists typically perform regular check-ups, cleanings, and examinations to monitor the teeth, gums, and oral cavity condition. They may also take X-rays and use other diagnostic tools to identify dental problems such as cavities, gum disease, or oral infections. Many patients visit their general dentist regularly for cleanings and exams to monitor changes in their oral health over time. Regular visits to the dentist allow your dentist to treat and prevent problems in their earliest stages, saving you time, money, and frustration in the future! 

Why Are Regular Dental Visits Important? 

As part of your oral healthcare routine, you should visit a dentist twice yearly to ensure your mouth is healthy and clean. If decay is present, fillings will be required to repair the tooth and prevent further damage. You may also need dental crowns to restore a tooth that has broken or been damaged due to decay. Your dentist will screen you for gum disease during your regular exams so that this condition can be treated in its early stages. Remember that gum disease does not go away on its own, so staying on top of your dental care is essential to prevent tooth loss caused by advanced stages of this disease. 

Additionally, your dentist will check all parts of your oral cavity to look for any signs of disease or cancer. Oral cancer is a life-threatening disease; however, it can be treated effectively with a high success rate when caught early. During your visit, your dentist will also check for signs of TMJ disorder. This painful condition usually causes pain in the jaw and the facial muscles and may cause popping in the temporomandibular joint. This condition can sometimes be treated with self-care techniques, but it may require more extensive treatment if it goes untreated for a long time. 

Types of General Dentistry Procedures

Dental Fillings

Repair teeth affected by decay or damage using materials like composite resin, amalgam, or ceramics. 

Dental Cleanings

Removing plaque, tartar, and stains from the teeth through professional cleanings to maintain oral health and prevent gum disease. 

Root Canal Therapy

Treating infected or inflamed tooth pulp by removing the nerve and cleaning the root canals before sealing them. 

General dentists play a vital role in promoting oral health, preventing dental problems, and ensuring overall dental well-being for their patients. For more information about your oral care needs and how to keep your smile healthy and bright, visit First Smile Family Dental at 32717 1st Ave S., Suite 9, Federal Way, WA 98003, or call (253) 785-7323.

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