Dental care has changed dramatically over the last few decades. The emergence of advanced technology has changed the precision and efficiency of dental care, and incredible advancements have been made in intricate oral surgeries like dental implants and endodontics. At First Smile Family Dental, we specialize in complex dental procedures, which is why we have invested in the most advanced dental technology at our practice in Federal Way, WA.


Long gone are the old film X-rays that required more radiation and time to use. Digital imaging is safer, faster, and more detailed for improved diagnosis and treatment planning. Our office is equipped with advanced digital imaging from our x-rays to our 3D scans. We use cone beam computed tomography, or CBCT, which uses a cone shape to take hundreds of pictures to create a 3D image of the oral cavity. This improves our planning and preparation for oral surgery and other treatments.

In addition to our imaging for diagnosis and treatment, we also use intraoral cameras for improved patient care. With our iTero intraoral camera, we can show patients what we see inside their mouths on a high-definition digital monitor. Patients can see areas of concern or view the results of their dental treatments with this innovative device.


Our dental technology extends to our oral surgery options. Our office offers specialized services that not all dental offices perform, requiring advanced dental equipment. One tool we utilize is our diode laser, which allows for a less invasive way to remove tissue without drills or incisions. The diode laser can be used to remove diseased gum tissue for those with periodontal disease or to reshape the gums for crowns or implants.

Another cutting-edge option we offer is the Hiossen implant. This advanced dental implant offers an improved design for shorter surgery times and longer-lasting results.

Excellent dental care using the latest dental technology, techniques and procedures is available at First Smile Family Dental. We always welcome new patients at our state-of-the-art dental center. Contact our office in Federal Way to schedule your first visit.


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